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Sotogrande Property Management Services

Sotogrande Property Management Services

Complete administration of properties

If you have a property but spend a long time away, you will need someone to keep an eye on it; someone who will ensure the house is aired, well maintained and cared for, who will pay bills, manage workers and also look for signs of damage of the property.

Knowing that your home is safe, secure and in a good state of repair gives peace of mind, protects your investment and ensures that returning to your home is always a pleasure.

We are Rent in Sotogrande, a Rental and Management business based in Sotogrande, with 13 year of experience in the area, who offers its services exclusively to homeowners in the greater Sotogrande area. We are a company of dedicated professionals that offers the highest standard of service and responsibility. In an industry where word of mouth is paramount we have built our reputation on discretion, dependability and attention to detail.

Confidentiality and Privacy

To ensure a relationship of total trust and transparency, we draw up a Confidentiality & Privacy Agreement, to be signed by every person who has access to your property or sensitive information.

Professional Liability

Our services are fully covered by professional liability insurance and all our staff are covered for third party liability and accidents. You can be assured that we have the necessary financial stability and recourses to meet obligations.

Services offered – Clients can select services to suit their needs:

  • Administration, Inventory, Maintenance and checking, New Home Service, Staff
  • Management,Providing Staff, Project
  • Management and Internet/IT services.

New Home Service

We help you set in your property by organizing any repairs, delivery and installation of furniture, set up supplies (water, electricity, internet, gas supply, etc) to make the first moments in your new home, a memorable experience.

Preventive Maintenance

Once the property is set up, we visit the property once a week or the needed times a week, to check for any adverse condition and to air the property.

We also:

  • Prepare inventories
  • Periodically check the property against its inventories and the Client’s reports
  • Check doors, windows and all security systems
  • Check HVAC, plumbing and drainage, and all electrical systems
  • Facilitate the maintenance and servicing of personal vehicles
  • Order and supervise urgent services of plumbers, electricians and carpenters
  • Make weekly inspection of the work performed by personnel for recurring maintenance
  • Make weekly inspection for deterioration or damage, and wear and tear
  • Make weekly check that all appliances and services are fully functional
  • Liaise with the technical director to keep the property in optimum condition
  • Regularly check the Client’s post box
  • Make additional visits during bad weather to check for storm damage, etc.
  • Assume management of administrative tasks, under the conditions agreed with the Client

Cleaning services

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail related to our cleaning services. We offer periodical services (daily, weekly, maintenance cleaning) according to the client ́s needs and instructions. We include also ironing and deep cleaning of surfaces with Karcher machinery.


Rent in Sotogrande will ensure that all local obligations and utilities are paid, such as telephone, electricity, insurance and community fees, according to the instructions provided by the Client in the Administrative Checklist signed together with our Engagement letter. If there is a personal vehicle, Rent in Sotogrande will see to any necessary service, and submit the vehicle to the annual technical controls when required, valet services, garage maintenance, as well as registration of vehicles if needed.

Rent in Sotogrande also will forward your personal and private mail to the Client ́s home address. All other mail, such as invoices, or that dealing with administrative issues, will be handled by Rent in Sotogrande on the Client’s behalf as the Client specifies.

When the property is not occupied, Rent in Sotogrande will maintain a proper scrutiny and surveillance of the Client’s property, liaising as appropriate with the Client’s security agent. Should there be an unauthorised intrusion, accident or storm damage, Rent in Sotogrande will act on the Client’s behalf to coordinate with the local police, fire brigade, insurance company and local experts for any emergency or permanent repairs.

Rent in Sotogrande administrative support covers all issues that are related to the property, its contents and the Client’s belongings in situ. We also help you obtain health insurance, help you with social security issues, hire dedicated personel to attend to the client ́s needs, etc.

Property Improvements

Rent in Sotogrande may assist the Client by coordinating any construction project or property improvement that the Client may initiate. Together with selected partners, we may provide architects, decorators and contractors for competitive quotations, and the successful execution of any plans that the Client may present. Rent in Sotogrande may help obtain building permits, and expedite the assistance of local lawyers and communal administration. Our assistance will be charged at an hourly rate negotiated with the Client on a case-by-case basis.

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